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Our Inaugural Program – BedStuyPop-Up! Presents  on BRIC TV • BROOKLYN FreeSpeech TV ch 1.            We 1st launched our show on April 1st 2016 on prime-time

Our lineUp of awesome 1st•Run indie•FILMS on Fri. April 1 @8:30p was a smashing success!

💥We wish BIG THANKS to all of our participating filmmakers & everyone who watched! 

Showing all genre of indieFilms, Meet the filmmakers, Behind the Scenes (on set with filmmakers),(pop-up) blogs, commentary & our notices of UPCOMING Screening EVENTS & our MASH-Up! Film•Festival – (later) Aug. 2016
~watch for deets

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ABFF• American Black Film Festival at bedStuy’s Bedford Hall; restaurant, bar/Lounge • 2014 Launch Party ·Presentation

ABFF at BH Launch Party ·Red Carpet

Student Films

In my tenure as a (former) Media Arts teacher, I am both experienced and permanently certified as a classroom teacher with The NYC Dept. of Education. My pedagogical practice marries my philosophy of education as Constructivist and, student-centered. I am excited by the challenge to engage my students in new creative ways of learning. In doing so, I have infused various teaching strategies and practices gleaned from sources from the professional-literature that supports best practices in these ways. In terms of my classroom practice, I routinely demonstrated and used various teaching stratagems including; differentiated learning, small… as well as whole group instruction, interdisciplinary-strategies, all aligned to my subject area’s Blue Print for Teaching and Learning in the Moving Image/Arts. We included other essential stimulating activities as well. Here’s looking forward to continuing this conversation and to exchanging ideas that explore forms of pedagogy that advance real-world experiences, authentic instruction, and assessment-strategies that continue to create success in our students.



“My Flip Bo0K” -an Animation How To…

Today, we take for granted the many, many technologies that make it so easy for us to access the just-as-many forms of cinema, & entertainment. My 9th grade film-student; Isharaq Almontaser’s animation- short, pays homage to our studies of Film History & The Cinematic Art form. In it she demonstrates how the advent of facile and uncomplicated devices like optical toys, the Kinetoscope, Zoetropes, Magic Lanterns & other simple devices… even flip-books… together, were the only means by which people entertained themselves in the early 1800’s. Ishraq’s “My Flip Bo0K”, takes a look at how easy it is to actually make an example of an early technology that had become an important tool in motion-picture entertainment that today, prolifically pervades our lives.      Ck out how she does it..