What’s Poppin’ about Us?

The Ideas behind creating ®The BedStuy “P0p-Up!” Cinema Group

®The BedStuy “P0p-Up!” Cinema Group, recognizes that ‘Pop-Ups’ are presently operating in several consumer areas.We first got inspired to develop the idea of creating this opportunity to have pop-up movie-events because of our genuine love affair with the cinematic experience!                                                     

-This is our passion, and we want to share that with other like-minded people.


Initially located in the world-famous BedStuy community in Brooklyn. We will screen a variety of ®“Pop-Up!” Cinematic™ happenings for everyone to enjoy.


We love cinema, film-culture, & cinema arts…….Who doesn’t?

– More than a film-screening enterprise. We are what can be described as an “end-market” Film/Cinema hub…a niche. bedStuyPop-Up! is a place for filmmakers (emerging) or otherwise-established…who can enjoy & explore an alternate-space from which to reach their audience.

For the community of indie-filmmakers and media-consumers alike, our cinema is driven to developing enabling it to be distinct in its delivery of our unique niche-market & niche-service(s) to today’s savvy, media-producing…  media-consuming public.

We are motivated and inspired by the successful marketing and embrace of this unique style of entrepreneurial niche-marketing scheme.

Our Mission

-is to engage and inspire diverse and underserved communities by delivering movies & digital-materials that are made especially by independent or under-represented content-creators. We screen works primarily in community venues & spaces, so that the filmmakers and audience members can share a common domain. We feel that in doing that… helps to encourage dialog, the exchange of ideas & even personal-narratives that most participants hardly get the chance to have from the “standard-screening experience”.

Our Objective

-is to also offer auxiliary services that would provide critical assistance, & exposure for those who otherwise have none. In these & other ways we lend support to the community by ‘sourcing’ & collaborating on producing new indie-films, and teaching filmmaking to young people from the community.

Untapped & contemporary audiences of people are invited to view the vast array of independently made-cinema, as well as commercial film titles that we will present. Our showings will be available for screenings right here in already existing spaces that dot our neighborhood of BedStuy & then expanding elsewhere.

At times we create ad-hoc, impromptu, and desirable cinematic-experiences for people to actualize & participate in.

And, just like the pop-up restaurants and foodie events that people are now enjoying ® The BedStuy “Pop-Up!” Cinema Group™ will partner & forge alliances with our neighbors. These small businesses and commercial interests alike, …bars, cafes, restaurants, gallery spaces, art-spaces, & other more public (outdoor) places; will work together with us to help craft an enjoyable movie-experience for our customers.

The possibilities are seemingly endless, when anyone can appreciate having the best of both…perhaps an authentic dining experience or, maybe a social-gathering at-the-bar experience… both, fused to present an equally great foodie & drink experience as well as a fun time at-the-movies.

Our Commitment?

Our singular commitment to you, the media-maker & our audience… is to invite everyone to our® BedStuy “Pop-Up!” Cinema™ venues for a totally enjoyable & memorable time that’s fun-tastic, and well spent.

®The BedStuy “Pop-Up!” Cinema Group™ is the answer. Everybody will be talking about when, and where to see our fantastic line-up of films!

So, …Dinner (or both), or just a movie anyone?