What Makes us Different???

 “Say It Loud: Bed-Stuy and Proud” …Like no other, we proudly ‘stage’ and first launched our business in the historic neighborhood of BedStuy, Bklyn

  • We partner with local businesses, schools and community venues.
  • We provide services to under-resourced, disparate community residents.
  • We aim to host neighborhood in-school film assemblies and teach film appreciation and production classes to the students.
  • The bedStuyPop-Up! Cinema Group has developed a Media Arts Curriculum that is aligned with The NYC Dept. of Education’s Learning Standards, & The Blue Print for Teaching & Learning in The Arts.
  • Our goal is to use independent films to teach students basic media literacy, particularly focusing on identifying racism, sexism and timely social-issues.
  • Veteran, working film-artists & media-makers from our neighborhood are encouraged to join us…& to use their skills in all phases of film-production to help instruct students on how to craft their personal stories using images, video and other media-tools.
  • In addition to the Summer Series, our work will include: works that’re gleaned from filmmakers from our community that demonstrate the full range of their art-form’s Themes, and Genres.
  • Of course, we invite original & world premiere film-works from our practicing/working artists.
  • Importantly, we’re delighted to share that we also seek to help sponsor our neighborhood “little League” soccer team.