We’ve deliberately RESERVED THIS PAGE for our next ’emerging’ & awesomely-talented filmmaker. Just click on the video’s play-button to view. They’ll tell you a little bit about their featured-film, and bit about themselves & their workflow.

Director’s Bio, & Stuff


My name is RH Bless, & I’m a self-taught filmmaker. I hail from The Republic of Brooklyn!                                   

This trailer is from my Feature-Narrative film called: “Easter Sunday. It’s based on real events that are written for the screen. All of the films’ locations were shot on-location here in Bklyn NY.

BTW – My film company is: Block Exchange Films/F.A.M.E. Prod/Kaicoon Media/Fades2Black Media                                      

~Here’s a sneak-peek of  the film’s “trailer”. Hope you enjoy!