So, …What’s  Ahead ?!

     Well, so far bedStyPop-Up’s Cinema Alfresco! is on “seasonal-hiatus”. But we’ll throw-images again outdoors when Winter’s chill is over. We’ll keep you posted!

But at our awesome venues, plans are under-way for our 

 Third-Thursdays Pgm. These are special movie screenings that are curated for our venues for a specific occasion.   

Pop-Up! CinemaClub
Several times a year, our unique “Pop-Up!” CinemaClub™ will offer educational workshops on a variety of filmmaking subjects, including: screenwriting, cinema production, marketing, film appreciation and more. Workshops vary in length and cost and are led by those with an extensive knowledge of the craft of filmmaking.

• (new) Filmmaker-Labs and Themed Extravaganzas 

• &Film-Festivals, are coming your way soon.

While ®Cinema Alfresco! will be on hiatus until the weather permits, rest assured, we will continue to create exceptional experiences around the international medium of film. Stay tuned…


Ck out our NEWS PAGE for more info. on these & other “Pop-Up!” events.